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City of Thorns : Nine Lives in the World's Largest Refugee Camp A Superb Work That Highlights The Essential Humanity Of Those Faceless Masses Buffeted By Events And Desperately Seeking Salvation In One Of The World S Most Troubled Spots, And Offers An Outstanding Glimpse Into The Shattered And Insecure Lives Of Those On The Frontline Of The Global Migration Crisis This Is A Highly Readable Book It Is Also A Damning Indictment Of The Hypocrisy Behind Camps, Which Offer Such Pat Solution To Refugee Crises For Aid Agencies And Politicians These Are Stories That Need To Be Heard Ian Birrell, The Observer This Gripping Book About Lives Trapped Between A Rock And A Hard Place Is A Clear Minded, Humanitarian Insight Into The Desperation And Resilience Of The Stateless Saga Magazine A Great Read Stunning Andrew Marr, BBC Start The Week Rawlence Spent Several Years In Dadaab, Kenya, The World S Biggest Refugee Camp And This Is His Account Of The Lives Of Several Of Its Inhabitants For All Europe S Panic About The Recent Wave Of Migrants, City Of Thorns Underlines How The Vast Majority Of The World S Million Displaced Never Leave Hellholes Like Dadaab Patrick Kingsley Author Of The New Odyssey, Guardian Rawlence Provides An Intricate Portrait Of This Sprawling Settlement Radio Times An Absorbing Book, Full Of Heart A Thoughtful Portrait Katrina Manson, New Statesman This Remarkable Book Comes As A Timely Reminder That The Vast Majority Of The World S Refugee Population Will Never See European Shores Rawlence Is Brilliant On Dadaab S Complex Material Life And What Seems Like A Huge Experiment In A Mixed Economy A Timely, Disturbing And Compelling Book Megan Vaughan, Guardian Rawlence Can Write With Beauty But The Lyricism Never Distracts From The Precision Of His Reporting Rawlence S Aim Is To Make Distant Lives Matter, And In That He Succeeds He Teases Out A Narrative That, Like Dadaab, Pulsates With Life Tristan McConnell, The Times Gripping The Economist The Most Absorbing Book In Recent Memory About Life In Refugee Camps Wall Street Journal Europe This Is A Book That Bristles With Anger And Despair, But Is Also Full Of Compassion And Dignity Rawlence Offers No Solutions, No Policy Prescriptions He Simply Lays Out These People S Lives And Asks Us To Notice Them And To Care Robert Colvile, Daily Telegraph Rawlence Vividly Conveys The Strain Of Living In The Camp, Always Hungry, Just Waiting A Masterful Account Next Time Someone Refers Derisorily To A Bunch Of Migrants , Get Them To Read This Book Christine Lamb, The Sunday Times Ce Texte Fait R F Rence L Dition BrochA Fearless Work Of Reportage That Takes The Reader Inside Dadaab, The World S Biggest And Most Notorious Refugee Camp, Through The Stories Of The People Who Live There Now In Paperback

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