Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal

Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal Fast food has hastened the malling of our landscape, widened the chasm between rich and poor, fueled an epidemic of obesity, and propelled American cultural imperialism abroad That s a lengthy list of charges, but here Eric Schlosser makes them stick with an artful mix of first rate reportage, wry wit, and careful reasoning.Schlosser s myth shattering survey stretches from California s subdivisions where the business was born to the industrial corridor along the New Jersey Turnpike where many fast food s flavors are concocted Along the way, he unearths a trove of fascinating, unsettling truths from the unholy alliance between fast food and Hollywood to the seismic changes the industry has wrought in food production, popular culture, and even real estate back cover

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    I thought that this book was going to be like Super size Me only in book form Not that the author would eat McDonalds everyday but that he would talk mostly about the unhealthiness of fast food I was wrong.The author barely touches the fast food is full of fat and fattiness deal He mainly talks about the greed, power, and evilness of fast food companies I would rea

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    As God as my witness, I shall never eat another hamburger as long as I shall live That s what I said after reading this book Then the phone rang It was my friend who wanted to go grab a quick bite at Wendy s I had a cheeseburger I never looked back baby It s not that this book paints the fast food industry in a wicked horrible light It doesn t become a witch hunt, t

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    I could easily give this book a 5 for its well researched and informative content, its engaging pacing, its excellent mix of dry facts and gossipy tone I literally couldn t put the book down since I picked it up from my sister s bookshelf.I started reading with high hopes I heard so much about the book and how it changes people s perception on fast food I do not eat

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    Written on May 29, 2012 I am glad that I had a large Pizza and a KFC burger at the Delhi airport before I started this book Adios fatty fries, triple decker domes and cheesy discs, you will be missed Ignorance is indeed bliss sometimes.Update June 22, 2014I am happy to report that I have largely stuck to this Ever since reading this I have virtually avoided this sort

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    Fast Food Nation is a fascinating and very readable book In some ways it reminds me of Upton Sinclair s The Jungle It s not only a critique of fast food, the chemicals we are ingesting and the health problems we are facing, it is also critical of a system that allows exploitation of young, old and immigrant workers, and of the suburban sprawl that resulted from the er

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    Oh, America When will you wise up In 1998, the seed of Fast Food Nation appeared in Rolling Stone Magazine Schlosser s expose has since been expanded to a book and then a movie, and still international love affair with fast food continues The latest edition also contains an afterword addressing mad cow disease, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy In it, Schlosser accomp

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    This, I feel, is now a classic book in the wrongs going on in the food making world Although this is from 2001, I feel many of the revelations are still true, unfortunately It is US centric, yet at least some of the facts appear worldwide, depending sometimes on the country But it did make me feel wary about eating fast food if I was traveling in US.This book of 3 years

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    Wowwwww.By the time you finish reading this book, you will strongly consider becoming either a vegan or a hard core local eater, or both I took a tiny bit of comfort in knowing that I eat vegan about half the days in the year still, the book really scared me It s hard, factual journalism with a huge section of footnotes in the back As much as I d love to dispute some of S

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    Another title for this entertaining book could have been Our disposable society How our utter disrespect for our selves, each other and our environment created the world we live in today The automobile s destructive force on American life was been well documented in other works But Schlosser extends that work specifically as it relates to the food industry Not just fast fo

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    Schlosser takes us on a crash course in American history, and it all starts with McDonalds At the same time that Ray Kroc was envisioning how McDonalds could change the world and make him rich , Eisenhower was overseeing the construction of the superhighway system Almost immediately, fast food restaurants began mushrooming on the edges of freeway entrances, and America was

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