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Linehan's Trip The year isSean Linehan, an international sports executive, journeys to Padania to vet the newly independent nation s bid to join the world football community As usual, Linehan has his own agenda girls, art and money He finds a ready supply, but how will he react when Padania reveals some of its dark secrets

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    Set in the future, Bryan Murphy s short story, Linehan s Trip is an experience in the seedy underbelly of sports, both professional international league and those smaller who wish to be a part of the main stream Murphy s short tale is a precursor to his novel Goodbye Padania The story is both an eyewitness account of racism gone to the extreme, an

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    Interesting dystopian short tale merging the politics of football soccer with that of real life being the world s sport, it has always intertwined the most of all sports with politics, borders, religion, and war Set in the future it echoes the dystopian feel of the past in terms of politics meeting sport.As a standalone piece, this is perhaps a lit

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    Picked this up and read it over dinner.It was a nicely written short story that introduces the reader to Padania.Half of the book is actually the first chapter preview of Murphy s full length novel, Goodbye, Padania.

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    A good, short read It makes me want to knowabout Linehan will he really change andabout Padania.

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