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It Began With Ashes Peace in Wroge came at a priceThe cost WarWroge was divided by the Saive War The Arneuton kingdom enslaved the Keltir clans into their invasion, and swept across the territory, converting and conscripting the weak, culling the strong Five Years of war, the blood of four races, millions of deaths The Arneut conquered The Keltir were released from their imprisonment, but the Vikir and Narz were forever banished from Wroge s bordersDraven fought for peace He fought another man s war and paid for his freedom in blood But even peace comes with its price Taxes to another man s king Draven s fight might have ended with the Saive War, but the struggle to afford safety for his family is far from overWhen the Vikir threaten Wroge s northern border they come with a debt of their own And it s not taxes they re after They come because of the Keltir s betrayal in the Saive War They come from bloodBut Wroge s fate won t be decided by ageing warriors and old grudges The lives of four young men, divided by peace, united by conflict, will shape the future of the war torn land It Began With Ashes is the story of how life s greatest struggle is to accept who you are a tale of broken promises, bitter grudges, and brotherhoods bound in blood

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    Great book Well written characters with a story that flows naturally one scene into another The author introduces the reader to the history of our characters and their land gradually, and the action makes sense in the context of the overall tale I look forward to reading this series going forward.

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    In the inspired style of David Gemmell, or Robert Howard, D Emrys takes the minimalist approach to his stories By that, I mean he lets the story speak for itself Dialogue and action are the foundations of the world and story, rather than detailed description or extensive world building facts It can be a tricky approach to pull off, and most who attempt the strategy end up eithe

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    The Arneuton kingdom conquered the Keltir clans These clans had to betray their allies in this war to ensure their own survival It is easy to figure out the former allies, Vikir and Narz are not happy For now it is peaceful in the expanded kingdom except that there is no love lost between Arneuton natives and the clans Things are also quiet in the small village of Hearth, home t

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    Wroge has not seen war for twelve years, not since the Arneuton invasion The Arneut rule, the Keltir serve, and the Vikir and Narz remain in exile The blood of four races belongs to the earth of one land.But what if blood was to run again Draven Reinhardt is a man with a nightmare of a past, dreaming of a better future He paid his dues in blood and coin, settling for a quieter li

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    This is a well written book, and I found it quite easy to get into The descriptions are good if a little repetitive at times when it comes to describing people we are constantly being reminded about the defining characteristic of some characters and the story is intriguing There is plenty of action, with the fight scenes not being skimped on but explored quite thoroughly, evokingo

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    Fast paced and gritty, this was an enjoyable read Plenty of action with a nice blend of character and pace Looking forward to the next one.

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    Original ReviewAn awesome tale, edge of your seats stuffThe Founding FieldsIf you re somebody who doesn t mind reading the odd self published book like myself, you could do a lot worse than D.E.M Emrys epic fantasy tale, It Began with Ashes It s strong, confident and creates an enthralling tale with likeable characters with their own personalities The book itself tells the story of

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    Originally published at Risingshadow.I recently read D.E.M Emrys From Man to Man and liked it very much, because it was a good fantasy story, so it was nice to read It Began with Ashes.It Began with Ashes is the first part of the Wroge Elements fantasy series It s a much larger andcomplex fantasy story than From Man to Man, which was an introduction to the Wroge Elements series It Be

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    This sequel of From Man To Man is excellent,To say that I thoroughly enjoyed It Began With Ashes would be an understatement the characters of Draven, his friends and their families have really firmed up in my imagination and I can really picture them.I would have no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone who likes the combination of Historical Fiction, Action, Adventure and a

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    First of all The author gave me this book for free in exchange for a review.Having read D.E.M Emrys short story From Man to Man first, I thought like a lot of people who reviewed this book that Draven, or at least Nicolas, the Arneuton Tax Collector, would play a rather big role in the book, but this was not the case.Instead of having the story center around a rather classical protagon

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