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Sunburn Patience O Conner is a travel blogger who lives for her work Her dedication to her readers brings her to the famed Helios Resort in Mexico, a locale that stuns her with its beauty but at which she suffers from some very strange accidentsLuckily, hunky resort bartender Apollo Delos is always there in the nick of time, a malcontent guardian angel Apollo stuns Patience again and again with his life saving abilities, to say nothing of his smoldering looks and apparent desire to keep her aliveBefore long, Patience wonders if there is to the sexy bartender than mixed cocktails and insane first aid skills Something strange is happening at Helios and Apollo doesn t want to talk about itCan Patience open herself up to this enigmatic man, even though she is terrified to be vulnerable again And can Apollo recover from an eternity of hurt and learn to trust once They must both decide before Death comes calling

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    I have been looking forward to this book and was not disappointed I loved Apollo and had a strange urge to track down all the women that hurt him and broke his heart so I could bitch slap them for what they did to him and maybe have them detained under the mental health act, clearly they were insane Apollo is such a sweet and good hearted guy He has a lot of darknes

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Book provided by author for review.This book is like a bottle of sunshine in the middle of winter, it is a delicious upbeat story that is going to get you in a good mood So find your tanning lotion and sun hat and enjoy Apollo the Greek God has been burnedthan once and don t want to have

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    SunburnApollo has opened a resort Helios His sister Artemis is there to check it out Apollo is nervous because he is expecting the Travel Chic a blogger on resorts to arrive at anytime He is also troubled that his visions have been of a young woman who has her heart riped out of her chest He never sees her face but because he can t see visions of people close to him h

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    Claps and cheers What a terrific book I really loved this one It felt so real, so normal, with the normal girl problem about their weights and everything This book seriously can relate to a lot of woman Apollo was such a sweetheart to Patience and the perfect Prince Charming Mhmmmm and so gorgeous. Again met Hades YES I like him, he s so full of mystery And Artemis, ho

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    I adored this book Apollo, a Greek god, runs a vacation resort named Helios and meets vacation blogger Patience O Conner who is anything but patient this stills makes me smile and tickles my sense of humor.Apollo and Patience were fun characters to get to know, the story flowed smoothly and had some delicious hot scenes along with a good dose of humor.

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    My favorite of the series

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    Another fabulous entry in Leo s series about the Greek pantheon This one features Apollo, and is substantially different from the first two books in the series, though that is all to the good in my opinion Where For the Love of a God had a down to earth practical ish feel, and Sweet Hell had something of a fairytale feel to it with their journey through Hades, this one ha

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    Rosanna Leo is a new Author to me and I have to say I enjoyed this book so much Her writing style is lively and fun which also comes through in the storyline, it s a fun sexy read This is a story about the Gods set in the modern day and what a setting Helios Resort is, I want to go to Helios and I want to meet a sexy God It s fast pacing you won t find yourself bored at an

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    Oh God Apollo is so freaging perfect in every way imaginable, he s so hooooot He s my favorite of all the greek gods, i don t care if he can be a merciless destroyer at times when he s moody, it s just something about him ahh and whenever i see a romance that features him, Apollo the sun god, i have to get it no matter what I am in love with that god Apollo is beyond gorgeo

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    Dear god, let me count the ways of how much I loved this book It was perfect, sweet, funny, and had plenty of romance.At first I was really reluctant to read this book when I found out it was about Apollo I ve read the Greek myths surrounding this god and some of it was kind of frightening when you think about being on the receiving end of his Affections Also I m a huge fan

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