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Breakaway (Daria 0) An Independent, Racist State, Carved Out Of Northern Italy Economic Meltdown A Slide Into Bloody Chaos A Man With A Mission To Save The Two Children Of His Closest Friends At What Risk At What Price Will It Be Enough And Who Is The Mysterious Female Go Between With The Sensuous Lips And Steely Eyes Introducing Daria Rigoletti, The The Contract Killer Desperate To Renounce Violence In Goodbye, Padania , To Which Breakaway Is The Prequel Dark Future, Good Reading

About the Author: Bryan Murphy

Bryan Murphy is a writer, actor and voice artist.Previous jobs international civil servant, translator, language editor, teacher of English as a foreign language.Anarchist, turning wishy washy liberal Pro science.Author of the novella Goodbye, Padania His short e books include the Linehan series, SuperOldie and Murder by Suicide You can find them at , Smashwords, Apple, Barnes

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