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Secrets of Summer It Has Been Years Since Pyper Has Seen Any Sign Of Liam Patterson So She Is Surprised When He Reappears Outside His Old Stomping Grounds More Surprising Is When He Addresses Her By Her Name By The Looks Of Liam Very Little Had Changed About The Beach Loving Playboy He Was Just As Handsome And Just As Flirtatious, Although It Never Was Her He Had Been Flirting With, Until Now As Their Secrets Unravel Both Summer Residents Are Faced With The Thought Of Never Returning To Victoria Beach, The Place Where Their Fantasies Began

About the Author: Tara S. Nichols

Erotic Fiction For Fantasies Ever since Tara Nichols was a little girl she has had an affinity for romantic adventures With crushes on the likes of Tarzan and Hans Solo she grew up looking for the perfect gentleman rogue When she is not writing about romance, erotica or paranormal fiction she can be found tending her garden, keeping bees or reading a spy novel Tara roams free on the flat prairie land in Manitoba Canada where she lives with her young son and husband.Check out her blogs at

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    2.5 5 stars.When your teenage fantasy with hottest young boy next door on your summer vacation finally.become true It s sweet simple story that happen on one summer time between a hot surfer and a bookworm.The sex scene not too hot, just oke lah.and its way too short tooI m in between LIKE and Just So So..So, I think 2.

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    Summer secretswe all had them right This is a sweet little story about a childhood crush turned steamy summer affair Gotta love it when the shy and insecure book worm gets a chance to act out scenes she thought she would only dream about.

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    Too short, left me wantingof Liam and Pyper

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