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The New Iberia Blues The Shocking Death Of A Young Woman Leads Detective Dave Robicheaux Into The Dark Corners Of Hollywood, The Mafia, And The Backwoods Of Louisiana In This New York Times Bestselling Mystery From Modern Master Publishers Weekly James Lee Burke Detective Dave Robicheaux S World Isn T Filled With Too Many Happy Stories, But Desmond Cormier S Rags To Riches Tale Is Certainly One Of Them Robicheaux First Met Cormier On The Streets Of New Orleans, When The Young, Undersized Boy Had Foolish Dreams Of Becoming A Hollywood DirectorTwenty Five Years Later, When Robicheaux Knocks On Cormier S Door, It Isn T To Congratulate Him On His Golden Globe And Academy Award Nominations Robicheaux Has Discovered The Body Of A Young Woman Who S Been Crucified, Wearing Only A Small Chain On Her Ankle She Disappeared Near Cormier S Cyrpemort Point Estate, And Robicheaux, Along With Young Deputy, Sean McClain, Is Looking For Answers Neither Cormier Nor His Enigmatic Actor Friend Antoine Butterworth Are Saying Much, But Robicheaux Knows BetterAs Always, Clete Purcel And Davie S Daughter, Alafair, Have Robicheaux S Back Clete Witnesses The Escape Of Texas Inmate, Hugo Tillinger, Who May Hold The Key To Robicheaux S Case As They Wade Further Into The Investigation, They End Up In The Crosshairs Of The Mob, The Deranged Chester Wimple, And The Dark Ghosts Robicheaux Has Been Running From For Years Ultimately, It S Up To Robicheaux To Stop Them All, But He Ll Have To Summon A Light He S Never Seen Or Felt To Save Himself, And Those He LovesStephen King Hailed New York Times Bestselling Author James Lee Burke As Good As He Ever Was With The New Iberia Blues, Burke Proves That He Just Keeps Getting Better Booklist, Starred Review , And Is One Of A Small Handful Of Elite Suspense Writers Whose Work Transcends The Genre, Making The Leap Into Capital L Literature BookPage The Louisiana bayou in all its musty, shaded glory is almost another character in Burke s Robicheaux series, a crime fiction series that is deeply character driven, dark, gloomy, haunted Dreams, fantasies, and twisted pasts merge with current cruel truths here Everyone in this whether a midget gunman, Hollywood royalty, or a picture show detective has a checkered mysterious past Everyone here is haunted by the ghosts of their past And, Robicheaux is like a drowning man struggling to stay above the surface weighted down by the horrors of his past from his Vietnam days to the wives who passed on to the victims he can t fix or find justice for You don t necessarily know if the violated corpses are the product of the freaks from Hollywoodland come to visit their sick hell on the wilderness or from vengeful ones escaped from prison or vowing to get even for all the troubles in their world or from someone else corrupted by their inner demons The novel is not a fast paced shoot em up action Jackson tale but it s one of despair, distrust, and desolation An entire world is brought to life in these pages and it s a joy to read this tale What a terrific addition to a series Many thanks to the publisher for providing a copy for review. Always a joy to read the latest by the incomparable literary crime fiction writer, James Lee Burke, painting a vivid and vibrant contemporary picture of the US, providing a political and social commentary on the cruelty, woes and horror inflicted on the land and its people by its political classes, devoid of any principles This may be the 22nd in the series, but he has not lost his lyricism and sureness of touch in penning this twisted and complex tale of injustice, ritual murders, corruption, Hollywood film industry, the mafia, an abused ice cream loving hitman, and a Texas prison escapee It is set in the lush, vibrant backwoods and swamps of a Louisana infested and poisoned by its legacy of slavery, brutality, environmental and cultural degradation, corporate and individual greed writ large on a landscape that once resembled God s own paradise on earth Dave Robicheaux discovers the crucified body of a young woman near Cyrpemort Point Estate The Hollywood crowd have come to the state with Louisiana s own home boy done good, director Desmond Cormier, filming his latest movie here, with his companion with an unsavoury reputation, Antoine Butterworth and producer writer, Lou Wexler, working closely with Alafair, Dave s daughter As unspeakable brutal murders pile up, Robicheaux and his larger than life, loyal friend Clete Purcel are short on leads and wonder about the murderous connections with Hollywood as Cormier s movie with its opaque financial backing from the likes of Saudi Arabia and the Mob On the loose is death row Texan prisoner, Hugo Tillinger, and the oddly likeable hitman, Chester Smiley Wimple makes his presence felt, as indeed does the mob The Iberia Sheriff Department s newest recruit, Bailey Robbins, becomes the source of love, obsession, and heartache for a troubled Robicheaux As dark dangers threaten those closest to him, trusting no one but Clete, Robicheaux gets closer to the killer and his own mortality.Burke s characterisation is as brilliant as ever, with his psychological portrait of Robicheaux s interior life of dreams, flashbacks to the Vietnam war, hallucinations, the struggle to stay sober, the loss of his wives, the dead, and his philosophical ruminations on life, love, ageing and death Louisiana is rightly the home of the blues, as we can see on Clete s reflections on the song, The House of the Rising Sun , a haunting depiction of bordello life, spiritual despair, and the exploitation of human beings, the anonymous fate that is the destiny of all those used for the convenience of others, a central theme and motif of the novel This is a unforgettable series, and this is a marvellous addition A superb read that I have no hesitation in recommending highly Many thanks to Simon and Schuster for an ARC. I speak my mind because it hurts too much to bite my tongue.Much like ol Detective Dave Robicheaux and his die hard friend, P.I Clete Purcel, who have always led their lives in that manner in New Iberia They ve been joined at the hip since they were beat cops in New Orleans The panoramic views just get swampier like the bottom feeders who roll in with satchels filled with crime and mayhem Murder pops up on the daily menu.Some talented authors bring the Thanksgiving feast between the pages But, hear me now, James Lee Burke brings the feast with an abundance of all the trimmings Savory, spicy, and especially tangy Each phrase wraps around like tendrils focused on finding that featherbed in your mind The descriptors are vibrant and the dialogue slams down a clenched fist on a hard surface Such good, good stuff.Burke creates a bit of heaviness in the Robicheaux scenario this time We feel Dave s angst as the years and the mind spiders are catching up with him Although he still hits the ground running, this long term good vs evil has taken its toll But there seems to be an everlasting flame in both Dave and Clete that keeps their finger on the pulse of the underbelly in Bayou Teche So many years behind the wheel allows you to sniff out the scent of the deadly from afar.Dave visits a former New Iberia down in the mouth kid who made it big in Hollywood as an award winning director and film maker Desmond Cormier has brought along a sleezy actor and friend in the likes of Antoine Butterworth They have set up filming not far from the spacious home of Desmond While looking through a telescope on Desmond s patio, Dave spots something floating in the bayou It turns out to be a dead woman strapped to a wooden cross with a Maltese cross around her ankle Needless to say, the stakes are gonna be high in this one.The New Iberia Blues is a deliciously tangled web with even Dave s impressive daughter, Alafair, in the mix She s a lawyer turned screenplay writer and has been hired by Desmond Cormier for his latest film This could be a big break for her Dave s not having the same kind of thoughts about now.Tie in an escaped convict, a new partner, tarot cards, the Mob, a very short pale psychopath, and plenty of gris gris floating with bad fortune on the bayouand you ve got a stellar offering from one of the best fiction writers in the businessJames Lee Burke Be still my heart. It has little too much navel gazing for me There s a tarot obsessed serial killer and Smiley is back Creepy, tormented, little guy, but somehow likable I want him to know that I m his friend.

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