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Golden Poppies From the bestselling author of Yellow Crocus and Mustard Seed comes the empowering novel of two generations of American women connected by the past and fighting for a brighter future It sJordan Wallace and Sadie Wagoner appear to have little in common Jordan, a middle aged black teacher, lives in segregated Chicago Two thousand miles away, Sadie, the white wife of an ambitious German businessman, lives in tolerant Oakland, California But years ago, their families intertwined on a plantation in Virginia There, Jordan s and Sadie s mothers developed a bond stronger than blood, despite the fact that one was enslaved and the other was the privileged daughter of the plantation s ownerWith Jordan s mother on her deathbed, Sadie leaves her disapproving husband to make the arduous train journey with her mother to Chicago But the reunion between two families is soon fraught with personal and political challengesAs the harsh realities of racial divides and the injustices of the Gilded Age conspire to hold them back, the women find they need each other than ever Their courage, their loyalty, and the ties that bind their families will be tested Amid the tumult of a quickly changing nation, their destiny depends on what they re willing to risk for liberation

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    These books are not listed as a series because they can stand alone, but this is the third book about Lisbeth and Mattie You really should read them all It s so worth it The books are excellent and you get to know the history of the characters Yellow Crocus Lisbeth is born into privilege and Mattie is her enslaved wet nurseMustard Seed 1868, continues Li

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    The ties that bind.Golden Poppies lays out a patchwork quilt of different interlocking pieces that tell the story of the human experience While the colors and patterns seem to compete for a dominance hierarchy, truth be told, one patch is no less valuable than the next in the scheme of things Each patch gets ruffled in the winds of time Each patch fades o

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    Such an amazing novel, and series The Golden Poppies is the third in the Lizabeth and Mattie series If you have not read Yellow Crocus and Mustard Seed you need to purchase and read them immediately before reading The Golden Poppies This series has followed and white woman and her family, as well as a black female and her life on the plantation, then as an

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    A brilliantly written book When I first requested this from Lake Union I did not notice it was from a series I followed along just fine but I know this would probably have been a 5 star book had I read the whole series and been wholeheartedly invested in the characters This book follows two families One black and one white They have ties from a Plantation i

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    This book was anFirst Reads selection I was drawn in by the beautiful cover and the historical fiction genre I did not realize it was part of a series of 3 I read the first 2 books before reading this one For me, this was the weakest book of the 3 I enjoyed the storylines in the first 2 books despite the somewhat amateur writing style However, the storyline

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    EXCELLENTSuch an incredible book I loved the way it was written with truth of a very troubled time Kudos to you for your talent and making me feel like I was right there with all the characters Nicely done, a must read

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    Once I started I couldn t put this book down I ve truly enjoyed following the lives of Mattie and Lisbeth and all the families Heartbreak, love, sadness, and hope for a better tomorrow I can t wait for the next journey to come.

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    The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude. Golden Poppies is a great example of what I wish all historical fiction could be Far too often I ll start reading something that makes it clear that the author thought all you nee

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    Her books are so easy to read, thorough enjoyment.

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    I liked this book very much It s the third book in the Yellow Seeds series, but can be read as a stand alone.The story of Lisbeth and Mattie, one black, one white, continues in Jordan and Sadie and their families Depicted by them alternately, it shows the story of women and of black people at the end of the 19th century, It touches a variety of topics, including

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