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Wow, No Thank You. A new essay collection from Samantha Irby about aging, marriage, settling down with step children in white, small town AmericaIrby is turning forty, and increasingly uncomfortable in her own skin She has left her job as a receptionist at a veterinary clinic, has published successful books and is courted by Hollywood, left Chicago, and moved into a house with a garden that requires repairs and know how with her wife and two step children in a small white, Republican town in Michigan where she now hosts book clubs This is the bourgeois life of dreams She goes on bad dates with new friends, spends weeks in Los Angeles taking meetings with skinny, luminous peoples while being a cheese fry eating slightly damp Midwest person, with neck pain and no cartilage in her knees, and hides Entenmann s cookies under her bed and unopened bills under her pillow

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    This was smart, funny and charming as with Irby s other books I enjoyed reading it Few writers do self deprecation to elucidate a larger point as well as she does Also white people Y all must stop confusing Samantha and I Each time she mentioned it here I was embarrassed for you guys She s awesome I am decent We look nothing alike There isthan one big black woman writer with tattoos I just blew your mind, I am sure.

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    incredible, truly.

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    NOW AVAILABLE this book made me love samantha irby as much as the rest of you already do cuz i admit i was not crazy about We Are Never Meeting In Real Life i went on and on about why in my review, but you re already here, so to summarize i d never read her before and a few too many of the essays came across as self conscious and overworked, like she was trying to shove humor memoir pieces through a short story filter it felt off in

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    Convenience is the number one driver of everything I do It s been a tough few weeks Working from home and social distancing was starting to mess with my mojo Even as a natural born introvert, I could understand why Tom Hanks character was talking to a coconut called Wilson in the movie Castaway My incarceration had its moments I was starting to get Stockholm Syndrome with myself.So thank goodness for the fabliss Sam Irby What better way

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    We all need some humor, but maybe evenso during this time Funny, heck yes, but also so much with with I could identify Out with friends and wishing to be home Making plans on a certain day but when the day comes wondering what you were thinking Looking in your closet and wondering what pod bought some of these clothes Her Crohn s disease and lamenting her partners penchant for buying healthy snacks So muchis included, her comic delivery is

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    Find all of my reviews at Back when I had feelings, my self esteem was a toilet. Dear Sam IrbyYMMV because her stories are about things like dropping hamsters due to aggressive menstrual cycles and shitting her pants and various other swimsuit area issues women sometimes have But she also talks about marriage and step parenting and her cats and everything else that isn t quite so in your face and alsoBarry knows boo Find all of my reviews at Ba

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    Samantha Irby s writing cracks me up on a consistent basis so I went into this book ready to be entertained And I was, but it was also so muchthan that touching, emotional, relatable, surprising And on top of all of that, just tons of fun.

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    3.7 rounded up Well, is there such a thing as being too self deprecating Irby is the queen of anxiety and occasionally, poop , and she is not shy about baring all Honest, funny, and overly self deprecating, this collection of essays grabbed my attention.This book is about getting old ha, to Irby this means turning 40 Gawd It s about not fitting in, and having crippling anxiety and physical pain to make matters worse It s about trying to survive as a ma

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    Hilarious, fascinating I read the essay The Worst Friend Date I Ever Had on The Cut website, and immediately tracked down the book.

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    Samantha Irby understands my inner curmudgeon

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