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Archangel Rising Archangel Squadron Faces Off Against The Forces Of The Brutal Protectorate To Claim A Prize, And Save Humanity, In A Gripping Novel Of Deep Space Jeopardy By The Author Of The Odyssey One Series At The Helm Of A Commandeered Freighter, Captain Steph Michaels Has Infiltrated The Free Star Systems Leading A Captive Crew, And Posing As A Privateer, He S On A Mission To Seize A Precious Resource From An Enemy Outpost Backed By His Archangel Squadron, It S A Smash And Grab Operation He Can Pull Off In His Sleep Until It Isn TBefore He And His Pirates Can Strike, They Re Met With An Unexpected Obstacle The Mining Compound They Re Targeting Also Houses Camps Of Slave Laboring Families It S An Innocent Population Steph Refuses To Sacrifice As Collateral Damage, And His Morality Will Drive Him To Greater Extremes Than Ever Before With A Ruthless Enemy Commander Facing Them Down, Steph Will Find Himself In Conflict With Not Just The Free Stars But Potentially With The Empire ItselfThe Odds Of Victory Impossible To Foretell

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    There is almost no worse feeling for a book lover than when you fall in love with a series and the next one isn t available yet to immediately pick up and read, which is exactly where I am with this second book in the Archangel One series This military science fiction novel kept me on the edge of the seat the entire journey through and I am left wanting .

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    I won this book in a goodreads drawing.This is the second book in the series I didn t read the first Apparently, a space faring Earth is at war with some other space faring races Most of them are tyrannical Anyway, A bunch of Marines masquerading as pirates take over a remote mining station that mines rare elements necessary for the Empire and every other

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    I was finishing the novel Archangel Rising when Author Evan Currie received recognition froms 47North for his accomplishment of sellingthan 1 million copies of his books with this publisher This, of course, speaks to the caliber of his imagination and writing, as well as the interest readers have in outer space and the civilizations, power struggles, and st

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    What a fun ride I absolutely enjoyed this book It was an adrenaline rush to the end.If you haven t read the previous books in this series you ll probably still enjoy it, but you won t have any idea about what s going on I recommend you read the others first.Steph continues to play pirate, and that adds a lot of amusement to the story Eric and the Odysseus al

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    More reviews and no fluff on the blog Top of my list for guilty pleasures definitely has to be the books in the Odyssey One Odysseus Archangel ongoing series I absolutely adore those books and eagerly devour them as soon as I can get my hands on them In much the same way that the original Star Wars was just plain fun, these books are thrilling, have great ch

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    Another solid release from Evan Currie and a solid addition to the Odyssey Odysseus lineI am a huge fan of this series,so than his other work Humanist military sci fi with heart is a rare thing, and Mr Currie does it well here.Without getting into spoilers, legends continue to grow, and the Priminae actually seem to grow a bit, compared to how they have been w

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    Evan s Best Book YetI have read and listened to every Currie book and this is the best one yey Every book is pure excitement and suspense and you never get frustrating cliff hangers Currie always gives you a closure at the end and not just happy ones His satisfying completion of story arcs instead of continuously opening how plot lines and disregarding old unfu

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    Once again, I had really not intended to read this book straight through But, you know, the sane bedtime be damned.Obviously, I enjoyed this book However, now I m frustrated, waiting for the next installment Maybe, if I m lucky, lots of you will buy the book, and Evan will get enthused and write severalin this series this year.

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    I love this series I m sad now that I ve finished the book and have wait for the next one Evan is a masterful story teller I sure hope it won t be long before the next one comes out Read Into the Black and start your journey through the series You ll end up thanking Evan Currie if you do.

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    Amazingly well DonTwo separate but loosely linked storylines are incredibly deftly interwoven here with great twists and turns especially at the end Beautifully done, Evan Bravo I can hardly wait for the next in this series.

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