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To Inherit a Murderer Review By Marva Dasef On Aug , A Woman Reluctantly Takes On The Creepy Son Of Her Dead Friend Why Would Deborah Not Just Turn The Kid Over To The State To Deal With First, She Has Promised Her Friend To Take Care Of Him Second, She Sees In The Boy Something Of Herself, A Part Of Her That She Has Learned To Control Nobody Else Can Help This Child, But Will Everyone Around Him Come Out Unscathed I Don T Want To Give Any Details Because The Answers Will Surprise You And Make Your Skin Crawl At The Same TimeContact The Author At The Website For A Free Review Copy A DARING PIECE OF WRITING READ IT IF YOU WANT TO READ SOMETHING ORIGINAL AS WELL AS A GREAT AND THOUGHTFUL STORYExcuse the clich but I enjoyed this book so much I didn t want to put it down The story was original and written with the assurance of a writer who knows their way round a page.E.J Ruek has created a fascinating world, a mixture of fortress and paradise personally built by the central character, Deborah, a woman whose intelligence helps her overcome her initial dislike of her newly adopted and seriously troubled son, William We are quickly immersed in the story as Deborah begins to gain an understanding of WillIam s mind as well as her own Things are not what they seem and this is what fascinated me about this story.There are many stories about the good versus evil debate but this is not a black and white issue and I always find the most interesting stories look at the places where good and evil overlap and intertwine and this story is one of those I highly recommend you read this book. Tougher than Tough LoveIn the author s dedication we get a first glimpse of the struggle ahead To my mother who insisted William be given a chance As it turns out, masterfully done Though as the author of my own cast of criminals, I don t know that I d be that forgiving.I discovered finely drawn characters immersed in a full color world of pain, despite the idyllic setting There s William, the sociopathic fat boy, teched by a dark element of the supernatural A killer who you instinctively know will be nothing but trouble Turns out he s worse than that, much worse Then there s Deborah, the emotional strain of her loss is palpable Badly damaged and tough to love at first, Deborah with her compulsion for control at any cost, is well worth the investment And the payoff is big, a gripping climax stoked by high adventure on horseback in Idaho s rugged terrain E J Ruek gives us a lot to love. Billy is 12 when he enters Deborah s life, and he s already know to have serious issues Deborah, though, who never thought being named the boy s godmother would put her in a position to take custody at some point, could not predict just how bad those issues really were nor how bad they would become.In a chilling and somewhat dark novel, E.J Reuk explores all the implications of someone who by all appearances and mannerisms exhibits psychopathic or sociopathic tendencies, and is not about killing There may be some hope for Billy under Deborah s tutelage There may not be And THAT S what keeps the story so tense for much of its narrative, and yes, so compelling.Few authors go this deeply into the exploration of how murderers are born or developed after birth Reuk does Expect surprises Expect darkness Expect a book that you ll want to put down, but find that you can t I want from this author Now. A riveting read from start to finish, you re not quite sure who to root for and who to fear, then wind up cheering both of them onafter you think, maybe, they re both evil It s one of those books that keeps you up all night finding out what happenswhich you don t get to find out till the very last page Don t you hate authors like that This is a powerful story with lots of questions and some answers It stirred my mind, emotions, and spirit while being entertaining reading The characters are very much alive and the interactions are engaging that would include the non human characters As the author promised, gruesome is not in this book I think Ruek is very good at writing spine tingling without leaving lasting damage What has lasted for me is a sense of question or hmmmm. If you like Steig Larsson s books then you will like this, the prose is exceptionally well crafted that will keep you very interested and turning the page, with amazingly crafted characters and plots twists that add to the structure. A woman reluctantly takes on the creepy son of her dead friend Why would Deborah not just turn the kid over to the state to deal with First, she has promised her friend to take care of him Second, she sees in the boy something of herself, a part of her that she has learned to control Nobody else can help this child, but will everyone around him come out unscathed I don t want to give any details because the answers will surprise you and make your skin crawl at the same time.Excellent book by Ms Ruek I look forward to seeing of her work. This was a tough book to read It s good But it pulls no punches.The premise is gripping Deborah, a fierce, solitary woman, who finds it easier to relate to animals than humans, adopts a twelve year old boy, William From the start, she knows that the boy has severe problems He is a cruel, violent, manipulative child, a child with no empathy and no inhibitions She fears for her own safety, and for what she might do to William if he harms one of her animals.This book is an emotional rollercoaster On the one hand, it s easy to admire Deborah, to empathise with her She s a driven woman, hard on herself and others She s a skilled horse woman, and has a boundless love for the animals in her charge She s also got an evil temper There are times when her anger at William, her attempts to curb his behaviour are difficult to stomach Deborah and WIlliam have a lot in common, and what they share is not pretty.To Inherit a Murderer has a strong streak of horror, and from the beginning it s clear that all is not as it seems William seems to have the ability to control objects without touching them, and at times his behaviour seems like demonic possession than anything modern medicine or psychiatry could define.The characters are compelling though, and the setting beguiling A powerful book. Since I wrote it, I like it.

About the Author: E.J. Ruek

E J Ruek is a contemporary mainstream writer who also dabbles in speculation Her books stray between and across genre lines, crossing from benevolent horror to psychological thriller to magical realism to rural and urban fantasy to simply mainstream There s usually some suggestion of paranormal, but, then, again, it might be only a maybe And there s humor, too It sneaks into the words,

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