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The Hundred MOTIVATOR AND AUTHOR CLAYTON BYE Offers An Easy To Use System To Help You Get What You Want From Life It Was Taken Directly From His Own Personal Success Program, And Comprises A Set Of One Hundred Choices Or Decisions He Used On A Daily Basis To Create The Life Changes He Wanted This Hundred Is The Culmination Of Over A Decade Of Work In The Field Of Personal Achievement.This Book Will Teach You To MAKE UNCOMMON CHOICESby Learning To Think And Act Like A Contrarian.ACHIEVE REMARKABLE RESULTSby Using Proven Success Tools Every Day.STAY ON PURPOSEby Adopting A System Designed Tohelp You Go Through Each Dayworking On Specific And Powerful Goals.DO THE THINGS YOU VE ALWAYS WANTED TO DOby Making Them Part Of Your Daily Routine.

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