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Comeback British First Secretary Peter Darwin is on his way home to England from Tokyo when he is mugged When he arrives home he is greeted by unpleasant memories of race horse deaths and murder. Comback is the story of a man named Peter Darwin who visits friends and finds a curious situation going on at an equine vetrinary clinic He works to solve the unexplainable deaths of several prized racehorses before it s too late I found the book extremely intriguing, and would love to read another Dick Francis book sometime soon. With His Th Novel, Dick Francis Proves Without A Doubt That He Is One Of The Superstars Among Mystery Thriller Writers Los Angeles Times Book Review A Globe Hopping Diplomat Comes Face To Face With A Case Of Fatal Corruption In Francis S New Thoroughbred Thriller I always enjoy reading a good Dick Francis novel They are pretty clean, the language isn t too bad, and not a lot of sex Sometimes I even reread the books, because it s like being with a friend you haven t seen in several years I really enjoy the characters he uses, and also enjoy the series he writes about too I m not a gambler, but I really enjoy watching them live, as well as on screen There is a certain excitement that I don t find in many other places. Comeback is another enjoyable horse related mystery by Dick Francis The comeback in the title refers to our hero, Peter Darwin, returning to his home town after years in the foreign service He immediately gets involved in a mystery concerning horses dying of various causes, often after treatment by a vet about Peter s age Peter becomes his friend in the book, and that was probably the most endearing part of the story You don t seem to see men becoming friends often in these short mystery books, and this seemed quite believable Francis books always focus on some other business besides the racing that he features, and here we dive into the life and personality required to be a foreign service officer as well as the life of a veterinarian The vet s days are detailed, including descriptions of offices, partnership structures, and surgeries that were strangely enthralling this is the kind of stuff Francis excels at The racing life makes a rather limited appearance here, the background than the focus I enjoyed this one quite a lot, but I thought that the hero of the story had a major lapse at the end that wasn t character like but did cause the story to end abruptly, and not quite logically to my thinking The characters didn t know how to solve the mystery, and perhaps Francis didn t know how to solve it either. A Foreign Office agent I think that either means diplomat, diplomatic worker, or some kind of non spy spy returns to the village he grew up in and become embroiled in a mystery at a veterinary surgery where horses keep dying.Although not a perfect book, it was great fun There s a few characters who don t seem to have a reason for being in the book apart from adding to the word count , but I loved it all Fast paced and I didn t see the end coming.Read as part of my 50 horse books to read in 2018 challenge. What is there to say about Dick Francis As I think about all of his books yes, this review covers all of his books, and yes I ve read them all I think about a moral ethical hero, steeped in intelligence and goodness embroiled in evil machinations within British horse racing society either directly or indirectly The heroes aren t always horse jockies, they can be film producers, or involve heroes engaged in peripheral professions that somehow always touch the horse racing world.But than that, Francis s heroes are rational human beings The choices made are rational choices directed by a firm objective philosophy that belies all of Francis s novels The dialogue is clear and touched with humor no matter the intensity of evil that the hero faces The hero s thoughts reveal a vulnerability that is touching, while his actions are always based on doing the right thing to achieve justice Causing the reader to deeply care about the characters in a novel is a difficult thing to do No such worries in a Francis novel The point of view is first person, you are the main character as you read the story usually the character of Mr Douglas The hero is personable, like able, non violent but delivering swift justice with his mind rather than through physical means This is not to say that violence is a stranger to our hero Some of it staggering and often delivered by what we would think of normal persons living in British society.You will come to love the world of Steeple Chase racing, you will grow a fondness for horses, stables, trainers and the people who live in that world You will read the books, devouring one after the other and trust me Dick Francis has a lot of novels over 40 by my last count.There are several series woven into the fabric of Francis s work notably the Sid Halley and Kit Fielding series.Assessment Dick Francis is one of my favorite writers I read his books with a fierce hunger that remains insatiable and I mourn his death. I wouldn t have thought to combine diplomats and veterinarians, but leave it to Dick Francis to make it all work out.As usual we have a do gooder hero in the wrong place at the wrong time, with just enough time on his hands to become embroiled in a complicated story about too many horses dying on the operating table or thereabouts and one poor vet who s being blamed with no discernible reason why.I like the various twists and turns of a Dick Francis story This one became decidedly complex, pulling in the previous generation and showing the reader just how twisted the children of a callous generation can become. I ve read many Dick Francis books If I find one that I haven t read, then I grab it because they are well written and enjoyable enough to be worth time spent Mr Francis books typically have an English hero, his companion, and at least one interesting villain Like most of his books, this story centers around race horses and horse people I really liked the Comeback story about a British consul that falls in with a group of luckless veterinarians The story is lively with fun characters The one negative comment that I have is the end of Comeback is rather abrupt It wasn t a bad ending The major conflict is resolved in quick fashion, however, other minor conflicts show up in the story but the are not resolved The ending kept me from giving the book a four star rating Typical endings of Mr Francis books wraps things up nicely at the end of his stories. Good read Not about the actual horse racing but this is about the vet s who treat horses and fraud Very interesting

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