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The Greek Myths Combines in a single volume the complete text of the definitive two volume classic, citing all the ancient myths For a full appreciation of literature or visual art, knowledge of the Greek myths is crucial In this much loved collection, poet and scholar Robert Graves retells the immortal stories of the Greek myths Demeter mourning her daughter Persephone, Icarus flying too close to the sun, Theseus and the Minotaur all are captured here with the author s characteristic erudition and flairThe Greek Myths is the culmination of years of research and careful observation, however what makes this collection extraordinary is the imaginative and poetic style of the retelling Drawing on his experience as a novelist and poet, Graves tells the fantastic stories of Ancient Greece in a style that is both absorbing and easy for the general reader to understand Each story is accompanied by Graves interpretation of the origins and deeper meaning of the story, giving a reader an unparalleled insight into the customs and development of the Greek world

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    The Greek Myths, Robert GravesThe Greek Myths 1955 is a mythography, a compendium of Greek mythology, with comments and analyses, by the poet and writer Robert Graves, normally published in two volumes, tho

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    The Folio Society published this rather splendid two volume book of The Greek Myths by Robert Graves in 1996 I purchased it then but I basically only looked at it from time to time when I wanted to know abou

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    This is one of the gems I discovered, and purchased for a pittance, during my professional college days 1980 85.The old Current Books bookshop was an institution in Thrissur It was located in a very old build

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    When this edition says it s the complete and definitive edition of the Greek Myths it truly means it Well worth the hefty price tag and a book I will be consulting over and over and over again.

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    My edition came with an introduction by Kenneth McLeish which mentioned the importance of this book in re establishing the Greek myths as suitable reading for adults It also went on to highlight Robert Graves s

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    3.5 Stars Great bookThis book is great for someone who s interested in Greek myths, as the title may imply or scream This book is not a commentary on or a history of the myths It is simply the myths, wonderfully

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    There are several pros and cons to this book Pros It s very comprehensive in that it covers just about all the Greek mythology.Cons It s very focused towards the academic Each myth is told a break neck speed with

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    Robert Graves The Greek Myths is a wonderful resource for learning about the myths of ancient Greece Originally published in 1955, it was updated for the last time in 1960 There are two volumes, but they are often

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    This is a reference bookthan a short story collection If you want entertainment, look elsewhere If you want research and philosophy on the myths this book might be up your ally Graves writing is good, but very dry.

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    If you plan to read Homer s The Iliad or The Odyssey, or any of the great plays of the Greek classicists, I have a suggestion for a book that will prove to be indispensable to you on your journey through these great

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