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The Edge A High Class, Transcontinental Horse Racing Junket Should Be An Idyllic Getaway For The Super Rich.But One Passenger On This Train Is A Sociopath, A Genius At Blackmail And Criminal Corruption And He Plans To Take Everyone For Everything They Ve Got.

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    This was not one of my favorite Dick Francis novels and it tool me awhile to sort out why It certainly had all the right components in the protagonist, Tor Kelsey Orphaned sort of c

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    4.5 stars As others have said,eloquently than I, much of Dick Francis heroes are of the same base Having said that, I enjoyed the buildup, the action and the writing of this book Due to the w

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    All of his books are great The hero is always someone who is modest, intelligent and clever, but human The bad guy is always clearly bad, but the world he paints usually to do with steeplechase horse r

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    Unlike most of Francis works, this one takes place on a train Like most, this one also revolves around horses The Canadians are trying to set themselves up as the next big thing in race horsing and to advertise

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    What is there to say about Dick Francis As I think about all of his books yes, this review covers all of his books, and yes I ve read them all I think about a moral ethical hero, steeped in intelligence and goodness embro

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    Haven t read Dick Francis for probably 15 years very fun to find one I hadn t read This is a complicated but really good mystery horses, of course setting in Canada involving owners, criminals, disturb...

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    THE EDGE G Francis, Dick 27th bookA Great Transcontinental Mystery Race, a glittering rail junket that not only promises the opportunity to race a thoroughbred on some of the world s great courses, but somethingan intriguing mystery to be en

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    Racing related thrillers Tor Kelsey, undercover security operative for the British Jockey Club is on the case Tor poses as waiter on a the Great Transcontinental Mystery Race Train The train is mystery adventure across Canada where there are actors po

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    So much fun to read A creative and engaging mystery with a unique twist you know who the villain is from the start, but you are trying to figure out what he s going to do next Also loved the setting.

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    One of my favorite Dick Francis heroes, Tor knows how to be invisible in plain sight As such he is invaluable to the Jockey Club s security branch But can he ride the Great Transcontinental Mystery Race Train all the way across Canada with the rich sociopat...

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