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Come to Grief Sid Halley, Ex Champion Jockey Turned Investigator, Is Facing His Toughest TestA Number Of Horses Have Been Brutally Mutilated, Horrifying Their Owners And The General Public Even Sid S Friend, Broadcaster Ellis Quint, Has Been Moved To Make A Shocking Programme About ItBut When Sid Is Asked To Look Into The Case, The Evidence He Uncovers Points In A Startling Direction And He Finds That His Head Must Overrule His HeartAs Friends And Associates Are Angered By His Discoveries, So Sid Is Drawn Into A Terrible Web Of Conspiracy And Intrigue Escape Will Require All His Legendary Wits And Cunning

About the Author: Dick Francis

Dick Francis CBE born Richard Stanley Francis was a popular British horse racing crime writer and retired jockey.Dick Francis worked on his books with his wife, Mary, before her death Dick considered his wife to be his co writer as he is quoted in the book, The Dick Francis Companion , released in 2003 Mary and I worked as a team I have often said that I would have been happy to have both our names on the cover Mary s family always called me Richard due to having another Dick in the family I am Richard, Mary was Mary, and Dick Francis was the two of us together Series Sid Halley Mystery Kit Fielding Mystery

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    What is there to say about Dick Francis As I think about all of his books yes, this review covers all of his books, and yes I ve read them all I think about a moral ethical hero, steeped in intelligence and goodness embroiled in evil machinations within British horse racing society either directly or indirectly The heroes aren t always horse jockies, they can be film producers, or in

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    I love Dick Francis books and tales of the racing world and thoroughly enjoyed this one too.

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    Continuing my self challenge to read all the Edgar Award winners for Best Novel, I ve come to 1996 s winner, Dick Francis s Come to Grief I m sure it will make my 10 Best list for 2009.It seems odd to me that Dick Francis, who normally sticks to standalones, has won two of his three Edgars for Best Novel with books in his all too brief Sid Halley series Come to Grief is the last of them, an unusually

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    Come to Grief by Dick Francis describes the final result everyone mourns many lost lives, friendships, loyalties I had this friend, you see, that everyone loved I thought narrator Sid was starting with his previous case, but no, the friend and connected relationships parents, social group, public are the current problems We wait pages for friend Lochinvar s real name, and others breaking down mother Ginnie s s

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    This was truly a trashy mystery novel The worst part was, it wasn t even entertaining The crime was absurd cutting off a horse s leg and Francis tries to make you care about it by throwing in a sappy story about a little girl with leukemia The plot is just poorly put together and equally strange, and you re asked to just take for granted that the criminals are crazy and not question their motivations beyond that The de

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    I love Dick Francis s books The Sid Halley books are the only series that he wrote All the rest of his books are stand alone All of his books involve horses, many of them are set in the racing worldparticularly jump races In this book, someone is cutting off the left front hoof of young horses The mother of a little girl with cancer hires Sid to find out who is doing it His relationship with the little girl is really great Sid

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    The third Sid Halley book and further demonstration of what a great character Francis created tough, resilient and unyielding but capable of fear and uncertainty inside A plot driven by the trial of an old friend accused of dreadful animal cruelty maintains a fast pace all the way through Great stuff I am glad I rediscovered Dick Francis a year ago.

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    Sid Halley,the ex jockey with the artificial hand makes his third appearance.Come to Grief is unusually long for a Francis book,over 400 pages.Torture is the major theme of the book,this time horses are maimed for the sheer pleasure of it.Francis is one writer I never tire of.

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    I m not sure Francis wanted to return to Sid Halley, yet somehow maybe felt he must

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    This was a bit different than many of the other Francis mysteries that I have read And not for the better First, part of the Francis method is to have the story s hero face physical distress Here, our detective is beaten in the first 10 pages Sid Halley, former jockey turned detective, is handicapped with a missing hand And as in the earlier two Sid Halley stories, he faces the prospect of injury to his remaining hand Francis writes well, and this is difficult to

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