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The Family Under the Bridge This Is The Delightfully Warm And Enjoyable Story Of An Old Parisian Named Armand, Who Relished His Solitary Life Children, He Said, Were Like Starlings, And One Was Better Off Without ThemBut The Children Who Lived Under The Bridge Recognized A True Friend When They Met One, Even If The Friend Seemed A Trifle Unwilling At The Start And It Did Not Take Armand Very Long To Realize That He Had Gotten Himself Ready Made Family One That He Loved With All His Heart, And One For Whom He Would Have To Find A Better Home Than The BridgeArmand And The Children S Adventures Around Paris Complete With Gypsies And A Santa Claus Make A Story Which Children Will Treasure

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    As the Christmas season draws near, I am reminded of a beautiful children s book set in Paris at Christmas time The Family Under the Bridge, by American author Natalie Savage Carlson The Family Under the Bridge is a celebr

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    Hard work, determination, the support of others, and maybe just a bit of luck on your side can really turn things around Those should have been the lessons learned from reading this but that s not the message I was picking up I

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    Ordered this last year from the kids book order, because it was a a Christmas book I ve never heard of, and b a Newbery Honor book I had never heard of Then I ended up not reading it aloud to the kids as I had intended, because I sa

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    Monsieur Armand is a homeless person living in Paris, sleeping under bridges and I think the book suggests, is happy with his lot He then meets a widow and her children The children soon become attached to Monsieur Armand and call him Gr

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    A truly heartwarming story for all ages I fell in love the aged hobo who was content in life just being in his version of freedom, the adorable dog who should have been white but wasn t, Jo Jo, the small children with their cute questions and

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    Now I both appreciate and actively love the in Natalie Savage Carlson s Newbery Honour winning The Family Under the Bridge generally positive and uncritical, non judgmental depiction of French homelessness and that Armand is narrationally presente

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    A very short and sweet book about a homeless man in Paris, his friends the gypsies, and his new friends, a fatherless family evicted from their apartment I read it a couple of times as a child, and was delighted to find it an even better read as an adu

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    I read this last night in a little under an hour, so it s a short read I really liked parts of it, but others bothered For the good, it was a sweet little story of a man changing his heart because of some children he met I enjoyed the characters While there

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    I absolutely loved this story of how a homeless family in France finds a home Charming

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    I think I read this a while back but it wasn t memorable I think.

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