What to do Before Filing Worker Compensation Claims

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The services of a workers compensation lawyer can be quite beneficial when battling with a skeptical or uncooperative insurance company or employer. However, there are things that an injured employee can do to minimize some of the scrutiny without hiring a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer may become an eventuality, especially when significant injuries have occurred, but there are certain responsibilities that the injured employee has in this matter.


First and foremost, the employee that has been injured should report the injury as soon as possible. Sometimes an injury may not be noticeable right away. However, as soon as the employee realizes they have been injured on the job, that injury needs to be reported.

Time Frame

Some states give an injured employee a few days and some even up to a year, but in most states, the deadline for reporting is 30 days. The importance of reporting the injury immediately is that there is less skepticism on the part of the employer and eventually the insurance company when an injury is reported as soon as humanly possible.


Once an injury is reported, the worker will likely be given forms for filing workers compensation claims. In the event the employer isn’t cooperative, the injured employee can contact their states workers compensation agency and this will normally ensure the the employer gets in line.

Medical Attention

Also, it is important for the employee to seek out medical treatment for immediate purposes. This is also necessary from a safety standpoint. The medical care that may be required from there on out may have to be overseen by a predetermined medical professional the employer or insurance company has chosen to treat work related injuries. However, for immediate purposes, a visit to an employees primary care physician or an emergency room will suffice.

Problems with a workers compensation insurance provider may be inevitable, but there are some things that an employee can do, and acting responsibly and quickly to report injuries and seek out medical care are great places to start. From there, you can start the documentation process and, with any luck, there will be little if any contests to your workers compensation claim.

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